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Roodewal Bush Lodge

Roodewal Bush Lodge is a secluded lodge situated 44 km north of Satara, on the banks of the Timbavati River. Riverine plant life, like Natal Mahogany and Jackalberry trees, create a picturesque view from the braai area, only to be crowned by the brightness of the stars at night. The unique quality of this camp is due to the extreme privacy of each individual sleeping unit, making it ideal for celebration parties. Not only is the whole camp occupied by the party making the booking, but the units are spaced to offer privacy to each guest / family occupying that unit. Another special feature is the private viewing deck, built on stilts and overlooking the Timbavati River.
Roodewal Bush Lodge Contact Information
Tel 013 735 6306

Check-in procedure Visitors can check in at any main rest camp or gate. Payment can be made at any gate or rest camp as the bush lodges do not have reception offices.

Facilities There are no shops or restaurant facilities. The nearest camps are Satara (44 km) and Olifants (28 km).

5 Things to seek Elephant; Lion; Martial Eagle; Night egret; Nyala

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Roodewal Bush Lodge
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