As a company started on a shoe string budget, we have always had a lot of respect for entrepreneurs. Our adverts are still free of charge and will always be. We also still offer full Platinum adverts for charities.

There's a lot of hype doing the rounds about tough times, businesses struggling and all kinds of other bad tidings making everyone depressed. When you are a business owner these types of curve balls are expected, but this one is a big curve for sure. Even the most resilient entrepreneurs are being forced to be even more creative, even more determined to succeed.

We offer free online advertising because:

  • Your business' details help our site to grow
  • You can experience our system before you pay for priority advertising
  • Your business is not going to be small forever and we'd love to grow with you
  • Our business owner community gives you the power to target other business owners
  • You can give us input and direct the way our system is developed
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Our Adverts are STILL FREE!
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